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Why do you always do the Client Skin Care Consultation on 1st Time Skin Care Clients? 

I believe that knowledge is power. In this world today, there is so much information on skin care out there, and it can be very confusing. It is hard to sort out what is good information and what isn't. I want to understand a client and all the elements that make up their life so that I can determine what will be the best protocol for them to follow. What is happening inside the body is reflected in the skin. It is very important that I educate my clients about their own role in good skin care by following a proper home care regimen.

My goal is to make the clients home care and professional regimens simple and stress free. Good skin care does not have to take a lot of time if you are using the correct products. 

How often should I get a Facial? 

In the "BIZ" we like to say once a month for the basic deep clean facial and general good maintenance for your skin. However, if you are trying to reach a specific goal, we must work together to determine what is the best frequency and plan of action for you, your goals and the protocols involved. 

Why do you use and sell YonKa Paris products?  

I am familiar professionally with many skin care lines. I started working with YonKa Paris skin care line about in 2002. I love to cook. YonKa Paris skin care products and the protocols that are in place, is the only skin care line I know of that allows me to “cook” my treatments specifically for my client and what they need when I am treating them in the studio. Your facial treatment will be different every time you come in.

How do a make an appointment?

When you call the Office number (303) 860-7668, please leave a voicemail & your call will be returned as soon as possible to set you up with an appointment. It is best to try to set up your appointment a week ahead to insure availability. A Skin & Body Sanctuary is a studio day spa. Because of this, it is not always feasible to answer every phone call if I am working on clients. There is no staff to answer the phone. 

Who are your Clients? 

I have female and male clients who have been with me for up to 9 years. The age range of my clientele is from 14 to 92. Because I have a good understanding of various ethnic skin types, so my clientele is also very diverse. About 99% of my clientele are referrals from my own current clients. Ask me about my client referral incentives when you come in!

Do you HAVE to do the Skin Care Consultation when you come in the 1st time for a Facial?  

No, you don't – but it is highly recommended if you are concerned with the health of your skin. If you just want to receive the relaxation of the facial treatment and not get the lesson, that's absolutely fine. It's completely up to you. Just let me know when you set up your appointment. 

What kind of consultation do you do for your massage clients? 

Firstly, I have a tendency to ask a lot of questions when a client comes in for Massage. Within the initial Massage consultation, I look at body positioning, body language, occupational, exercise and repetitive movements and what the key complaints are. Because I am an intuitive, once the work starts, I will probably ask more questions. I do like to include sports stretching within the Massage treatment because I understand that muscle has memory. When I stretch a muscle group or joint after having released it, the body will remember the work I've done much better and for longer.  

I haven't had a Massage before or not for a long time. What should I expect? 

You will be put at immediately at ease and my studio space is private, quiet and serene. Any concerns you may have, please feel free to voice them so that they can be addressed. All Massage services are performed in a strictly clinical and therapeutic way with special consideration given to the draping of the covers while you are receiving your treatment. You can expect to feel much better when you leave than how you felt when you arrived.   

How often should I get a Massage? 

Typically it is suggested you should receive Massage once a month; or at least every 6 weeks as a good rule of thumb. However, if you have a nagging issue or injury that needs to be addressed, perhaps more frequent treatments would be suggested. That can be discussed when you come in. It is important that all your health issues and any other treatments you are receiving be disclosed to enable the best achievable healing options. 

Where did you train?  

Aesthetics: I attended Colorado School for Paramedical Esthetics in Lakewood, Colorado and graduated in 2001. 

Massage Therapy: I attended Golden Institute of Massage and Graduated in 2003. 

(Additional Education information is available on the ABOUT page.)

Why do you do this work?

I've always had a profound interest in Natural and Alternative Healing therapies. I came into the spa business after working for nearly 17 years in the construction and architecture industry where I did everything from estimation, project management, specification/ technical writing, to database programming and network administration.   

I was fortunate to work for some real innovators in the day spa industry in the Denver metro area when I first got into the business where I poured over product and procedure manuals. I wanted to learn as much as I could. I had a lot of interest in the technical equipments and changes that were happening in the skin care industry as well. I began to have a good sense of what really worked and what didn’t. I go to as many advanced education classes as possible because I love learning about the technology and the science of Skin Care, Body Work, Massage Therapy, Energy Work and HEALING! This industry is constantly changing. I continue to learn more and more every day!

I love doing healing work and really enjoy solving whatever skin or body problems that arise. I couldn't wait to get out on my own after having worked in other spa businesses for several years. Here I am - embarking on my 6th year in business for myself. I couldn't be happier!

If I am interested in several services, can I combine them into a package?  

Absolutely yes you can! I have several clients who enjoy saving more by combining several services into a package. We can work that out when we know what you are interested in.

Do you have another question that's not here? Please email me with any additional questions you might have!

I will be glad to answer and maybe add your question to this list!?   

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