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What is the best facial for acne? A Skin & Body Sanctuary delivers the best facial in Denver for acne helping to control breakout and heal dark marks and scarring from pimples and cysts. Fighting the battle against acne is frustrated for anyone.

I’ve had clients at their wits’ end, exhausted from throwing product after product at their faces only to experience the same disappointment every time their promised savior failed to pull through. 

Identifying the Root Cause

Acne isn’t a guessing game. Identifying the root causes of your acne is the first step in my approach to attacking the problem. For instance, heredity, diet and nutrition, environment, hormones, supplements or pharmaceuticals all factor into the root causes of acne.

Sometimes, acne isn’t actually acne, per se. I find that my clients simply use the wrong products, impacting their skin negatively. Once removing irritating or inappropriate products and adding in the right ones, the breakout subsides. Still wondering what is the best facial for acne?

Good Breakout vs. Bad Breakout

Ever hear someone say that they broke out after a facial? For acne clients or clients who don’t do regular facials, this is a good sign. When you ask, “What is the best facial for acne?” keep in mind it’s normal to have some breakouts after a facial. 

Facials aim to deep-clean and get the skin moving. This brings dirt or clogging in the skin up to the surface. Whiteheads mean skin is detoxifying on a healthy level. But red sore blemishes that never come to a whitehead signal clogged, dirty, and slow-recovering skin.  

Don’t fret! I offer one-week warranty after any facial with extractions. If you have any breakouts, schedule “warranty” extraction time so we can take care of it.

So What Is the Best Facial for Acne? Here It Is…

Destroy existing acne with my Soin Purete/Acne Facial combined with Purikiss Acne Treatment 

  • Jump starts healing the acne
  • Attacks the acne in rapid fire succession
  • Visibly weakens acne
  • Lessens redness, calms and heals
  • Repeat these treatments up to 8 times

Bring new skin to life with chemical peels, microneedling or microdermabrasion

  • Improves texture & coloration left behind by the acne
  • Breaks down the damaged top layer of the skin
  • Stimulates healthy skin cells
  • Rids the skin of anomalies (discoloration, melasma, and pitting)
  • Reveals smoother, healthier-looking skin

Now that you know what is the best facial for acne, schedule a consultation to determine your best action plan.

Dealing with Scaring from Pimples

Symptoms of scarring from pimples and discoloration (hyper & hypo-pigmentation) also vary dramatically from person to person. Many factors play a key role in the type of scarring from pimples and discoloration in the skin. Schedule an appointment for a chemical or microdermabrasion. In combination, these treatments heal scarring from pimples and cysts.

The Truth About Salicylic 

A wide variety of peel protocols grace the shelves of my studio. Typically the industry trends toward salicylic acid for acne. But in Colorado, salicylic acid is not as effective as more hydrating glycolic or lactic acids. Based on your lifestyle, I can determine the best route.

Are You Seeing a Doctor?

Some clients use prescription topical or oral medications from doctor or dermatologist to treat skin issues. Notify me so I may accommodate for them in the treatments. Always apply sunscreen religiously if on treatment from your doctor. These treatments tend to weaken the skin’s defense against the sun.

Keep Up Your Treatments

Regular facial treatments are as important as taking care of your skin morning and evening at home. Otherwise, build up contributes to future breakout. I constantly tell my clients how important it is to also do their “homework.”

You wouldn’t stop brushing your teeth between dentist cleanings would you? I'll work with you to determine the best and easiest treatment protocols for your issues and budget.

Call to make your appointment today for the best facial for acne! Let’s start your solution today!

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