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As "Your Boutique for Personalized Skin and Body Care", A Skin & Body Sanctuary specializes in skin treatments using Yon-Ka skin care product protocols, and treatments for the body such as massage, Reiki energy work, and body treatments.

Marj, the owner and sole operator of the spa, believes in a holistic approach to feeling and looking beautiful. She understands that ever changing daily environment, health, heritage, occupational, nutritional and lifestyle issues affect one's skin and body. She really digs problem solving!

Marj is licensed in Colorado for esthetics and massage therapy and has worked in the spa business since 2000. Denver has been home to A Skin & Body Sanctuary since 2005 and the spa is located on South Parker Road just East of Mississippi Avenue in Highline Centre office park.


When it comes to aches and pains, or just maintaining optimum health, my clients return to me time and again for a great healing massage every time. At A Skin & Body Sanctuary, I am committed to listening to my clients’ specific needs as well as intuitively assessing any issues and then customizing each massage.

One massage session may focus on releasing neck and shoulder tension with massage and/or microcurrent muscle therapy, and another may involve light lymphatic massage to decrease post-surgical swelling.

Let me know what issues you’re facing and I’ll incorporate a variety of modalities to help you achieve your optimal health and wellness.

Learn more about massage therapy Denver


If you're like most of my clients, from time to time, you experience challenges with your skin. Maybe you live with acne, rosacea, overly dry, sensitive skin, breakouts and congestion, dark spots from sun damage, scarring from pimples, sagging skin, or you have skin that lacks balance, suppleness and glow.

When clients schedule a facial in Denver with me, they are frustrated and fed up with products and treatments that don’t deliver on promises. The pH of their skin is off simply from using products that aren’t right for them, and their skin is literally under “stress.”

My approach to skin care involves educating the client on how to get the skin’s pH back in balance with a natural, botanical product line and daily regimen. I also evaluate your current products identifying ingredients that cause irritation or congestion, and assess other factors affecting your skin’s health such as allergies, nutrition, and UV exposure.

First the client and I determine the specific issues and set goals during the consultation. I then customize the facial treatments utilizing the Yon-Ka Product protocols and bringing the client's best skin to the surface and back to life. 

Good does not have to be difficult. Utilizing a simple routine daily and getting regular facial treatments can make all the difference you need to achieve your skin care goals.

Wondering what kind of treatments are right for you? Schedule a consultation to discuss your skin care goals and treatments for a facial in Denver. Also see my FAQs page to learn more about getting a facial in Denver. Together we’ll work toward achieving the beautiful skin you’ve always wanted.


Made from phyto-aromatic ingredients, Yon-Ka skin care products give your skin the means to regain its balance and vital energy at every age of life.

At A Skin and Body Sanctuary, we believe that fragrant essential oils, vitamins, trace minerals and fruit acids should nourish and heal your skin naturally. This philosophy is embodied by Yon-Ka skin care.


Did you know that skin is the largest organ of the body? It’s also responsible for excreting waste, so when the skin isn’t in a healthy state, it may retain toxins causing you to feel tired and sluggish. Cellulite is the result of toxin build up in the subcutaneous fatty tissue of the skin, and the main remedy for fighting it is to detoxify the body and cellulite therapy. 

To detoxify your body, I have mastered a variety of treatments from far-infrared sauna therapy or steam therapy with body wraps and cellulite therapy utilizing “endermology” as well as microcurrent therapy for muscle toning and body lifting.


I believe that much of our balance and unbalance stems from our energy body, affecting our thoughts, which in turn affects our nervous system, then our minds and physical bodies. Obtaining and maintaining optimum health and wellness means also balancing your energy body.

Perhaps you are experiencing a time of stagnation, depression, anxiety or perhaps a life shifting event has happened that makes you unable to turn off your thoughts giving you what I call “hamster brain.” Energy work can help to clear those emotional and mental blocks so that you can forge ahead with a lighter, stronger more whole sense of well-being.

I have trained and studied in several philosophies which are used in the energy healing work I do:

Reiki Master - Usui Reiki System

Energy Healing

Chakra Balancing

Hindu Yantra Meditations

Stone Medicine

Intuitive Reading

Peruvian Shamanism

Guided Visualizations

These modalities are applied intuitively while working with the client depending on the client's needs at the time of their service. I conduct a brief consultation prior to the actual energy work session. Please visit our Reiki and Healing Energy page to learn about incorporating this modality into your service.

Days of Operation:

Tuesday thru Saturday

Evening appointments available

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.

All services are done

by appointment only

so call ahead!  

It is advisable to call 1 week to 10 days

before you want to schedule.

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